Pilchuck Sunrise

This morning as I was driving my daughter to school, the sky was simply breathtaking. There wasn’t time on the way to school to grab a photo, and by the time I got her there & was headed back, most of the amazing color was gone.

So sad.


Poor Mt. Pilchuck is only surrounded by gold & an airport. 7 minutes earlier it was surrounded by vibrant pinks, peaches & intense golds. And it was VERY black against them.

So, I decided I needed to paint what we saw earlier in the day.

Pilchuck SunriseNo, it doesn’t do the sunrise justice, but it did capture some of the colors that were filling the sky this morning.

And it also fits into the Daisy Yellow Daily Paper Prompt #24, because all I used for this was a plastic gift card & a palette knife.

Sometimes you just need to do that quick, 5-minutes-or-less capture of an event or memory. 🙂

I may have to use this one for some postcrossing postcards this year…


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