Tangent No. 5 – Beach Umbrella

Another DaisyYellow.com tangent. This one is called Beach Umbrella. It was to create stripes on the page to journal inside of.

The idea was to work with Neocolors, however, I don’t own any of these, nor could I find any today when I was out looking. C’est la vie.

So, I improvised. 🙂

I used crayons. But I grated & melted them instead of coloring & painting. It worked. Sort of.


In case you are wondering about the process, I have a few pictures. I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures while I was ironing the wax, but you can take a look at my other melted wax post for more info.

I taped off the book with painter’s masking tape that was torn lengthwise so that it would have a fun edge. Then I grated the crayons, trying to keep the individual colors contained between the lines.

grated crayons

Then I ironed the grated crayons under a sheet of wax paper. Unfortunately, this meant that the masking tape ALSO got ironed, which caused a couple of tears, but overall it worked well. Nothing a spot or two of glue couldn’t fix.

After I had the crayon like I wanted it, I peeled the tape off.

peeling-tapeI actually preferred it before the tape was peeled off. I may need to do another melted crayon page with stripes. 🙂

meltedIt was a risk using wax crayons, as they don’t like to let other things adhere to the page, but I hoped that the tape would keep it from absorbing into the paper. Fortunately, it appears to have worked!

I decided that I wanted to put song lyrics inside, but what song? It’s a fairly colorful page (for me) so it needed to be a fun song. I was going through a pinboard I have that is all lyrics, and came across “I May Be Crazy” by Billy Joel. It just seemed to fit.

crazy-1 crazy-2
Now if I could just get the wax to stop flaking off…

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