A single, simple word. But what does it mean?

Every person will have a different reaction to this little word. For some it may mean letting go of things they have been clinging to. For others, maybe they want to release excess baggage – be it extra weight (physical), or toxic relationships (emotional & mental). Some may even think of falling – releasing the thing that was keeping them held up. Or held back.

I don’t know what Release means to you, but I sat down (with a bit of help from my girls) and wrote out some of the things that release could mean.

This is my year to Release. And there is SO MUCH that I want to release. I want to get rid of much of the excess ‘stuff’ we have cluttering up our home & garage. I want to let go of the junk that is cluttering up my mind too. I want to stop looking back at the past – release it & the hold that it still has on me – and step into the future that God has for me – whatever that looks like. I also want to let go of fear – that fear that whispers in my mind when I try to do something new – and step past it’s limitations and see just how far I can go.

I want to forgive.
I want to purge.
I want to leave fear in the past.
I want to stop clinging to “safe” and take a leap of faith.
I want to release my inner Artist in a way that I never have before.
I want to release creativity into my life & the lives of those around me.
Release from the chains of a constantly on-the-edge bank account would be good too. 😉

How about you?

What does 2015 hold for you?

You see, Release is my One Word for 2015. One little word to remember every day. One word to think of. One thing to do.

What is your word?


This is a joint post, so to speak. It fulfills the 8th prompt for Daisy Yellow’s Prompt60, and it is also my word for the One Word 365 campaign. Check both of them out – both are good for bringing about that release. 🙂

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Thoughts on Ferguson

I generally try to keep my opinions on “Media Events” to myself, but this? It’s just stupid.

Justice, as this country sees it, has been served. There was a riot. Police officers were called in to attempt to protect the innocent from violence. Shots were fired. Police officers were shot. A civilian was killed. There has been a trial. This should be over. The Justice System has had it’s say. Let it go.

But no…….
Obviously the fact that the civilian shot was a human with a darker skin tone by a police officer with a lighter skin tone means that everyone who has a darker skin tone (and those that feel that it is a skin tone issue) needs to go out and once again bring more violence.

He was shot DURING A RIOT. A riot that he was participating in.

Oooooh! I know! Let’s have MORE RIOTS to protest the fact that a human being – a member of the HUMAN RACE was killed. Let’s go burn down businesses. Let’s go steal stuff. Let’s set the town on fire.

Ooooh! And hey, I don’t live anywhere near Ferguson, but I want to have fun raping & pillaging like the Vikings of old, so I’m going to start a protest wherever I live. I’m going to get my party on to “join the protest” and shut down freeways and bust out windows and bring violence to the streets all over America. Because it just looks like so much fun. (Apparently.)

Violence is not the answer. The system that is making people angry is not what is being harmed by this violence. Innocent people are being harmed, scared to leave their homes, having their livelihoods destroyed. People are being injured. Is this really the answer?

If you want to protest this ruling, do it peacefully. Leave the guns & Molotov cocktails at home. Leave those rocks & bricks on the ground. Donate those cans of food to a homeless shelter or food bank.

Mob mentality means that someone WILL get hurt. Damage will be done. Lives will very likely be lost.

Is more death the answer? Really?

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