Magical December

Well, that looks a bit familiar, yes? It’s not the final one either. I still didn’t like it, even after painting over the lighter version.

So i painted over it again.


It looks quite dark, but it’s pretty close to the same blue as above – possibly even lighter. Amazing how much difference natural light makes.

I fixed the lettering by using stamps (vastly improved it) and got rid of most of the lyrics.


Just keeping a few of the favorite lines…

fallingI like it now. A fitting beginning to a magical December!

**This spread is part of the TAJ31  End of the Year journal prompts. Are you interested in finding out more information?

Check out for the details!

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Tangent No. 8: Paradise

Tangent #8 was to just let a page evolve & flow as it will.

I got some new paints & stencils last week, and decided to try them out. I think I’m going to like them quite a lot. Then I dug through the paper junk that I found while cleaning out some boxes yesterday & decided that since there was a bird stencil, the page would get a bird theme.

I love the combinations of red & gold, and red & brown.

Part of the Daisy Yellow Tangents & Tactics series – Tangent No. 8!

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Elphaba, maybe

I was painting a background on another page when the green decided to explode all over it.

What to do?

Take another book & mash the green all over it, of course!

The fun interplay between the green & black drew a friend of mine in, & he painted a lovely (as yet unfinished I’ve been told) painting on the opposite page.

Me? I saw long, curly hair. But it wasn’t in the right place to be framing her face, so instead we get to see Elphaba as she walks away.

I love long, curly locks.

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Putty is such fun to use

Drywall putty. Spackle. Whatever you want to call it, at $6 for a large tub, it’s a great deal cheaper than the ‘artist’ mediums that I’ve been wanting to try out with my stencils.

And ya know what? It seems to work just fine.

(it’s even sticking to glossy wrapping paper on that page. So cool!)

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